SAM Kids is an ISO 9001:2015 certified group. Our focus is to provide excellent quality and high-levels of standard in Preschool education. Our experience and expertise in the Preschool sector has helped us to provide one of the best preschool experience to the kids.


SAM Kids International Preschool has been growing steadily in strength since its inception in 2010.

The growing demand for fresh admissions is indicative of the confidence reposed in SAM Kids International Preschool in addressing the six domains of child development, namely: Creative, Physical (fine motor & gross motor), Social-emotional-personal, Language – Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing (LSRW), Mathematical, and General Knowledge of the world.


SAM Kids follows the XSEED Curriculum which was scientifically designed after years of research by alumni from Harvard, Cambridge, MIT and IIM Ahmadabad. Through XSEED Curriculum, SAM Kids believes in meaningful learning through good education practices and also by trying to balance the quantity of knowledge with the quality of knowledge through the 5-A Learning Process:

AIM (Clear Learning Objective)

Before starting any lesson one should be clear about the learning outcomes for the students.

ACTION (Experimentation)

Start the lesson with an activity where children have their own experience and ‘try out’.

ANALYSIS (Questioning & Concept Formation)

Introduce the concept to students formally through questions and discussions.

APPLICATION (Real Life Problem Solving)

Self-study and worksheet completion with reflective questions and challenging problems.

ASSESSMENT (Measurement & Feedback)

Answer application-based formative and summative questions.